Hello I am Idil. I am going to show you howminecraftworks and how I discovered it.These are some pictures of minecraft houses.I hope you enjoy it!

There are loads of building equiqument

My favourite part about minecraft is that you can build stuff and you can do it quicker in real life.The worst part about minecraft is the sea beacause the sea has squid.I think the squid can kil you beacause I got bitten by one and died but the sea isn't all bad beacause you can catch fish and you can swim with dolphins.

  1. brick

  2. sowrd

  3. bed

  4. torch

This is paparagh! Here's how you make a link: minecraft pig infront of a house

minecraft villager

This is how you make a link: minecraft house

minecraft people standing on a hill

I'm making a link! minecraft temple

minecraft video

minecraft video